Welcome to our online store. We are a store that caters to all your merchandising needs from Aqua t-shirts to hats, sneakers, and other memorabilia. When you purchase from us, you can be sure to get the original Aqua merchandise straight from the source. All our products are made with high quality natural fabrics which are good for the earth.

Everything we produce and sell to you are 100% recyclable and you would be doing the earth a favour when you purchase from us. Apart from this, we endeavour to set aside 30% of our profits from our merchandise sales, dedicating it into our mon-profit which is geared towards finding long term sustainable solutions to provide free portable water for poor and destitute in war torn countries in Africa you can help our cause by donating directly or purchasing any of our products. Every t-shirt or sneaker you buy comes with a bonus code which when activated gives you access to our latest Extended Play (EP) or you can purchase from here or from Amazon.

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The t-shirts for the UK and Europe tour is out on sale now. You can join in the fun and excitement of being a part of the Aqua family when you purchase our t-shirts before the tour. Fans are advised to hurry as only limited products are currently in stock.


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Sold out


We have on sale limited editions of the "Aqua Forever" cap which was used in the Behind The Screen Tour. This caps however are a twist to the original with coded messages written on the flap. Hurry and get yours before stock depletes.

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