The Blinding Storm

This is our first album which was produced and released under Interscope records. It was released a few years ago with an extended release in the United Kingdom and Australia. The album was produced by renowned pop producer Alexis as well as Brandon Danner. Mastering was done by Joel Owens and Espinoza Santana.

This album was released to mixed reviews by critiques and fans alike. Fortunately, it made its debut at number seventeen on the Billboard 200 before climbing up to number two. It sold 65000 copies in the first week of release and has since gone on to be certified triple platinum by the IIRA.

This album went on to peak in multiple countries including the UK's Pop 100, and Australia's Pop chart. The album was in the top 10 Most Successful album of the year in Multiple countries including, The UK, The United States, Australia, Canada, The New Zealand and South Africa.

Beyond The Screen

This is the sophomore album of the group Aqua NZ. The album was produced by BattleBorn Records after the deal with Interscope was rescinded and was produced and mastered by Alexis and Espinoza. It had generally positive reviews upon release, managing to move 111000 copies in the first week. It debuted at number one in the Australian Pop 100 staying atop the chats for 3 weeks.

It also debuted on number 33 in the United Kingdom climbing all the way to number 9 position. The album has been certified gold in six countries namely: The United Kingdom, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Brazil. As of today, the album has been certified platinum in the United States alone.

The process of making this album began during the tour of the first album. At the Glastonbury festival in the UK, the group had begun to put down new material that would go into the making of the sophomore album. We were recording every other night we were not performing. We ended up producing more than 30 demos to choose from. At the end, only 15 made it into the cut and the album was released six months after.

The album received generally positive reviews from critics with a score of 80/100 by Metacritic. Q published a mixed reveiw praising the album for its "authenticity" but questioning its lack of direction. Entertainment Today gave the album a 4/5 stars giving applause to the album for what it called "an ambitious album pushing the frontiers of pop music all over the world".


This is the current album produced by the group and was released not so long ago. The album was released after the end of the world tour for Beyond The Screen. There was a one year break from music after which the group got back together refreshed and infused with new ideas. The release of LovEvolve is the evidence of the group coming into a level of acceptance with themselves. The tracks were recorded and produced in the United States, The UK, and the place it all started, New Zealand. After the release, LovEvolve peaked at number 27 on the UK Pop 100. It also debuted at number 25 in the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at number seven. On the Australian pop charts lovEvolve topped the charts for 5 weeks making it the longest album on the charts since our inception. It was a commercial success selling 200000 copies in physical sales alone in the first week. The album has since gone to make gold in six different countries as well as a platinum in Canada and the US.