African Drumbeat has been packing universal music awards since broke into the scene

Our first album reached number 4 on the Pop and Alternative Chart going on to win Shagrit Award for Best Pop Album. It was also nominated for the MTV International Album of the Year. The album has three tracks that made into the Billboard Top 40, six tracks in the ARIA Top 40, as well as five tracks charting in the Australia Top 100. Hit singles like "Love Me on the Way Home" and "Sarah" were nominated in three different categories at the Nickolodeon Awards.

"Love Me on the Way Home" won the award for the "Best Soundtrack on a Y.A Fiction movie" while "Sarah" was nominated three times although failing to land one. "Tennessee girl" was nominated at the BMW Pop Music Awards for "Best New Song". The single was able to take the award beating top groups like Airhead, and South Korea pop group BTW. The album was also nominated for the. "Best New Pop Group" at the Grammy but was not able to clinch the award.

The second album "Beyond the Screen" was nominated for the Echo Music Awards in the category of "Best Pop Album" it won in that category although nominated in four other categories. At the European Festival Awards, the hit single "Love me like that" got three nominations including "Pop song of the year" "Best New Track" and "Best Soundtrack on a European Movie".

It was able to swoop on two of these awards missing the award for the latter. I heart Radio Music Awards nominated the album on two separate categories. Album of the Year and Best Pop album. We were able to win one out of the two, scooping the Best Pop album. On the whole, Behind the Screen got 16 nominations, out of which 7 awards were carted by us.

LovEvolve has been nominated 27 times already but with the awards yet to take place, it is hoped we would be more successful than the previous years.


Apart from music, our interests also devolve into charity. We hold a charity concert every year, headlined by us with other main stars performing and all the monies accrued from the ticket sales goes into our Non-Profjt Organization called Aqua For Africa where monies are contributed into funding sustainable ideas for providing free portable drinking water for countries in Africa. The project has produced 400 bore-holes and counting.