African Drumbeat is a band that melodiously speaks and breathes music

African Drumnbeat is an African pop band consisting of lead singer Hemingway, alongside Jeremy Bekudi, Martha Araba, and Ryan Okonkwo. We had been playing in the underground music scene for a few years before getting our first exposure when we released our hit single "Its Coming Back", followed by our first studio album, which coincidentally became a big winner, Blinding Storm. The album had loads of hit singles including "Nuclear", "Love For Ever", and "Take My Hand".

Top Pop named "Love Forever", which claims the record for the most days spent on the top of the Pop 100, as "the biggest pop song of the year". We were also given similar praise by MTV which rated us as "The Best New Band". We have been named the Best Breakout Pop Band and have topped the pop group rankings on three separate occasions.

Our second album "Beyond The Screen" got into the number 1 position in three different countries including The UK, The United States, and Australia. But all these did not start out of nowhere. A few years back, Hemingway, met with Ryan back in Brighton University where they were both in their finals. Martha was Ryan's girlfriend and a lead chorister at the Brigham University Catholic Church.

So it was only natural, she joined the group as a singer. Down the line, Jeremy was to join the group as a backup singer because a recommendation by Hemingway's friend who had seen Jeremy perform at the school concert. The name of the group was chosen because of their affinity for the sea, while they all loved swimming.

The first release was an EP with five songs titled "Until You're Mine" which had 3 hit singles. Jeremy later quit the band and we had no choice but to recruit another backup by the name Gunther who also was a chorister and a music student at the college. We were able to become the headliners in our small town before deciding to change location after our graduation.

We moved to Georgia, Columbus where we got our first big break at the Georgia Music Festival singing to an audience of more than 15000 people. We were named Georgia's "biggest new act" and "Best New pop band" in the City giving us a positive visibility when we most needed it. We signed up with Interscope records not so long after, and the rest is history.